Musik Mogul

We are the results of twenty years of experience, as on site tutors in the music industry. Since 1997 we have been offering our services at the homes and offices of all our clients. We started our vision back in 1997 founded by Prof. Jadnel Rosario Pérez.
The experience that we developed dealing with thousands of students on a one on one basis, gave us the opportunity to develop a system like no other.
We took our experience and blended with some techonology and after a year of developing, Musik Mogul was born.
A new system with the ability to teach you music in the fastest way.
We can say thousands of arguments about who we are, how we work, our quality, experience and achievements. But the best way to know about us is being a part of our story and letting us leave a mark in your life. Welcome to Musik Mogul!

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